Istanbul, the City of Evil Eyes

My guest blogger today is Veronica Di Grigoli. She’s written a terrific book, Evil Eye, which she researched thoroughly during her time in Turkey. Here is a little bit about Istanbul, loads of photos, and a snippet from Evil Eye. Enjoy!

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Veronica Di Grigoli OFFICIAL

The Turks say that Istanbul is like a prostitute ‚Äď beautiful, but dangerous.

I decided to portray the intensely stimulating mix of beauty and danger, which so characterises Istanbul, in my novel ‚ÄúEvil Eye.‚ÄĚ

Evil Eye

I take the heroine, Celeste, on an adventure full of threats, violence and narrow escapes which makes its way though gold-filled palaces, the dazzling colours and heady scents of the bazaars, the eerie old harem packed with jewels and opium hookahs, the mosques lit by shafts of sunlight and, of course, the deep blue bosphorus which flows through the heart of the city.

I lived in Istanbul for a year when I had just finished university, in the attic room of a beautiful old mansion overlooking the Bosphorus.  The call to prayer, from a minaret right outside my bedroom window, blared out so loudly each dawn that I sprang to my feet suffering a near heart-attack. Then…

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4 thoughts on “Istanbul, the City of Evil Eyes

  1. Diana, I enjoyed reading Veronica’s post a great deal; I¬†visited Istanbul four years ago and long to go back.¬†¬†Turkey is wonderful!¬† Now, to buy her¬†book.¬† Pat Schultheis¬†

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