Yes, Mr. Angry Young Man. There is a Happily Ever After.

Another wonderfully poetic post by Sharon Wray. I’m delighted to share this with my readers.

Kiss and Thrill

If you’re a romance writer, then you are probably aware of the drama going on regarding the question how much romance is necessary for a story to be classified a romance novel. I think of it as the Great Controversy.

If you’re a reader, hopefully you haven’t noticed.


SInce I’ve always had more romance than plot in my manuscripts, the Great Controversy is something I hadn’t thought much about. Not because I didn’t care but because I know what happens when you try to quantify the subjective.

Fools run errands and those wild geese you’re chasing bite back.

It’s like trying to eat a spaghetti sandwich. It’s possible, but you’re left with a mess and you’ve lost half of your noodles.

So, this summer, I let the Great Controversy go. I left it to others who are more articulate than I to work out the answers. Then I forgot about it.

Until I went to…

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2 thoughts on “Yes, Mr. Angry Young Man. There is a Happily Ever After.

    • Me, too, Betty. But it seems to me that he won’t find happiness, or love, until he stops being so angry. There are those that rail against the world and there are those, like you, who decide to do something about it.


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